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Private banking and investment services

Private banking and investment services

SGBJ offers advisory and brokerage services to high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Our expertise and the invaluable support of Société Générale Group’s global financial platform place us at the forefront of capital markets.

Tailor-made brokerage and advisory services

SGBJ’s specialized consultants are fully mobilized to cater to high net worth individuals and institutional customers, providing this segment of our clientele with customized services in the field of wealth management.

Our Private Banking teams are dedicated to optimizing their clients’ portfolios and ensuring high value-added advice and solutions on a broad spectrum of markets: structured products, derivatives, forex, fixed income securities, etc...

Treasury department

The investment decisions that you make today will have positive or negative implication on your life in the future. Therefore, you should have a sound financial plan in order to achieve a safe, secure, and comfortable future.
In order to achieve your financial and investment goals, you should seek from the advice of experts who are specialized in financial and investment planning.

Through its’ Treasury Department, the Société Générale de Banque – Jordanie can help you analyze and determine your financial goals and suggest appropriate investment solutions like:

- Money Market
- Structured Deposits and Investments
- Swap
- Foreign Exchange
- Fixed Income Sales

The department advises clients on maximizing return on their cash and investments to assist with managing Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange exposures. Regular contact with its corporate client base ensures that relevant market information is passed on in a timely manner thus enabling the client to make better decisions related to treasury and investment business.


Branches and ATMs

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