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Secure online banking

Carry out banking operations and access your accounts easily and securely 24/7 from anywhere in the world through our online banking service eSGBJ.

Banking services at your fingertips

  • Check your accounts and search for specific transactions
  • Carry out transfer transactions to accounts within SGBJ, or towards beneficiaries in Jordan
  • Fill complaint forms for checks and cards
  • Request check books and credit cards
  • Download a soft copy of banking transactions
  • View stock exchange rates
  • View SGBJ products
  • Schedule an appointment with your account manager
  • Receive personalized messages about your transactions
  • Fill in service subscription applications
  • Find answers to your inquiries in the FAQs section
  • Contact the hotline for any technical problem
  • Get in contact with our Webmaster

Optimal safety

  • Blocking of access after 3 failed password entry attempts
  • Ability to change password
  • Automatic system log off after 3 minutes of idleness
  • 128-bit system encryption for added security

More info

  • Transactions are commissioned same as branch
  • eSGBJ is monthly charged at JOD 0.5