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Investor Relations

  • 1. The Bank's corporate governance
    Societe Generale de Banque–Jordanie is committed to ensuring that its policies and practices reflect the highest levels of corporate governance. We have established a comprehensive framework of policies and systems that ensures full accountability to our shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders. 

    The bank is directed by the board of directors, which has overall responsibility for the operations and financial soundness of the bank. The board defines the bank’s strategic goals and exercises control over its executive management. The board consists of eleven members, a mix of executive and nonexecutive directors.

    In order to increase efficiency and speed up decision-making, the board has set up committees.

    The board of directors and the bank’s executive management are further responsible for developing and monitoring an internal control system that ensures the accuracy and integrity of financial statements, as well as compliance with applicable laws, regulations and instructions.

    Click on the link below the check the Corporate Governance guide

    ** The Corporate Governance Code is under review by the Central Bank of Jordan and is not considered final until approved by CBJ  
    • .PDF 04-05-2021
      Corporate Governance 2021
  • 2. General Assembly Meetings

    2.1. Dividends Announcements

    • .pdf 04-05-2021
      Dividends 2021

    2.2. Announcements General Assembly Meetings

    • .pdf 26-05-2021
      Announcement to the General Assembly Meeting

    2.3. Invitations of General Assembly Meetings

    • .docx 06-04-2016
      Agenda AGM 2016
    • .docx 04-05-2021
      Agenda AGM 2021
    • .docx 09-04-2020
      Agenda AGM 2020
    • .docx 30-04-2019
      Agenda AGM 2019
    • .docx 25-04-2018
      Agenda AGM 2018
    • .docx 26-04-2017
      Agenda AGM 2017

    2.4. Minutes of General Assembly Meetings

    • .docx 06-04-2016
      Minutes AGM 2016
    • .docx 04-05-2021
      Minutes AGM 2021
    • .docx 09-04-2020
      Minutes AGM 2020
    • .docx 30-04-2019
      Minutes AGM 2019
    • .docx 25-04-2018
      Minutes AGM 2018
    • .docx 26-04-2017
      Minutes AGM 2017
  • 3. Shareholders' suggestions on the agenda of the general assembly meetings
    In accordance with the provisions of Article (5/ق, ر) of the Corporate Governance Code for the listed companies in the year 2017, shareholders may submit their suggestions for including certain topics on the General Assembly meeting agenda, a step that ensures they will be studied and decided on. Shareholders who own 5% of bank’s shares, may add agenda items for the January General Assembly of the year, provided that, the proposed topics fall within the jurisdiction of the General Assembly and in accordance with the current provisions of the Jordanian Companies Law.

    Suggestions may be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]    
  • 4. Shareholders' complaints and suggestions
    To ensure that we provide you with the best services and enhance the principle of Corporate Governance, we receive shareholders' suggestions and complaints on the following e-mail: [email protected]
  • 5. Annual Reports
    • .pdf 17-11-2021
      Annual Report 2020
    • .pdf 29-04-2021
      Annual Report 2019
    • .pdf 19-04-2021
      Annual Report 2018
    • .pdf 12-04-2021
      Annual Report 2016
    • .pdf 19-04-2018
      Annual Report 2017
    • .pdf 30-03-2016
      Annual Report 2015
  • 6. Shareholder Data
    To update his  data, the sharholder may download the "SHAREHOLDER'S INFORMATION UPDATE FORM", fill it, sign it and send it back to SGBJ at the following email address: [email protected] The shareholder who wishes to transfer any future dividends to another bank, should download the “SHAREHOLDER’S DIVIDENDS TRANSFER FORM”, fill it,  have the signature authenticated by the beneficiary bank and send it to back to Societe Generale de Banque-Jordanie. Otherwise, we regret  that dividends will not be remitted.

    To view the “Shareholder's Information Update” and “Shareholder’s Dividends Transfer” forms, please click on the following links
    • .pdf 28-05-2021
    • .pdf 28-05-2021

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