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Letter of credit

Letter of credit

Optimize your import-export transactions

Expand your business transactions internationally and benefit from our expertise in Documentary Credit.

Ultimately important service

  • To facilitate and settle international and local commercial transactions
  • For coverage against diverse international transactions' risks
  • As a universal tool that can be used worldwide, for all types and amounts of goods and services

Several commitments undertaken by SGBJ

  • Letter of credit for import: guarantees to the supplier his payment within the predefined time frame and to the importer a maximum control over documents, deadlines, means of conveyance and channels used, etc.
  • Letter of credit for export: secures exports by eliminating the financial risk of the importer.
  • Stand By letter of credit: guarantees to the supplier the settlement of the specified payment amount in case the importer fails to fulfill the settlement obligations, particularly in the case of successive and renewed deliveries.
  • Back to Back credit: is used when the Documentary Credit is not transferable, or when the first beneficiary fails to respect the purchase contract conditions.


Visit any SGBJ branch:
  • Sign a request to initiate a Letter of Credit reflecting the commercial contract terms signed between the seller and the buyer (Letter of credit for import)
  • Receive a notification of the credit opened in your favor (Letter of credit for export)