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Safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes

We do not only secure your cash, we also protect your valuable belongings.

Don’t risk keeping your valuable belongings at home! Family jewels, title deeds, diplomas and other important documents… Place them in a safe deposit box at SGBJ and keep your mind at ease.

Safe deposit boxes available in different sizes

Boxes designed in 5 different sizes to protect your valuables against theft and fire:
  • Size A 1 - 9,999 cm³
  • Size B 10,000 - 19,999 cm³
  • Size C 20,000 - 35,999 cm³
  • Size D 36,000 - 89,999 cm³
  • Size E 90,000 - 199,999 cm³

We make sure you get the ultimate privacy and confidentiality when accessing your safe deposit box.

More info

  • All SGBJ clients can benefit from our safe deposit boxes.
  • The annual fees vary between JOD 60 and JOD 175 depending on the safe box size.