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Saving+ account

Saving+ account

Bringing together remuneration and availability!

Profit from a high interest rate on your savings while keeping your money available at all times? SAVING+ offers you this benefit along with many other privileges.

What does it offer you?

  • Increased savings with easy access to your money anytime.
  • Remuneration at a preferential interest rate.
  • An annual bonus equivalent to 10% of your annual interest granted to you if your account’s average balance increases from one year to another.
  • A free life insurance allowing you to ensure you family’s future.
  • A free international debit card, to access your account balance anytime.

More info

  • Benefit from numerous advantages for a modest quarterly fee.
  • Minimum required deposit of JOD 100.
  • Every person over 18 years of age can benefit from this account.
  • Subscribe to our Card Maintenance Service for immediate tracking of your card transactions.
  • Check your card transactions 24/7 through our online banking service eSGBJ.